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“The new lies about women’s health”

May 1st, 2006

Dr Petra

In the US edition of Glamour magazine (which appears to be far more thoughtful thank it’s UK counterpart) there’s a fantastic feature called ‘The new lies about women’s health’.

Written by Brian Alexander it covers US-specific sexual and reproductive health issues including problems with accessing emergency contraception, health advice and information.

Whilst many of the topics covered don’t apply outside the US the piece is still worth reading – particularly if you’re a journalist interested in how to write a complex sex story in an engaging and useful way.

The story has unusually attracted a lot of attention from within the sexological community and I know therapists, researchers and practitioners are sharing the piece with their clients and colleagues. People are also letting Glamour know that this was a really good example of work, if you think so too, why not drop them an email? Click here then hit ‘you said it’ to send the editor a letter.

The more we praise positive and accurate sex reportage, the more likely it is we’ll get better quality sex features.

And as someone who spends a lot of her time grouching about bad sex stories my sincere thanks to US Glamour and Brian Alexander for showing us it is possible to cover sex stories accurately.

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