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9.30am Tuesday. I expect you were having sex!

February 22nd, 2005

Dr Petra

To launch the new ‘sexperts’ for a men’s weekly magazine last year, a PR company went down the predictable route of hiring an ‘expert’ to complete a ‘survey’.

The press release said they’d proved the best time for sex was first thing on a Tuesday morning, due to higher levels of testosterone. But a survey can only tell you people’s attitudes about when they like to have sex. You can’t measure testosterone levels with a self report questionnaire.

Since they helpfully provided a contact number with the press release, I called to find out more about this red hot scientific breakthrough…

Me: Can you tell me more about the research behind this release? I may want to feature it in my radio show this week.

PR Guy: (Excitedly) Yes, fantastic! what would you like to know?

Me: Has the expert completed research for this campaign?

PR Guy: Oh yes, extensively.

Did that include testosterone testing?

Yes. (A bit uncertain now)

So she’s completed research on sex and hormones?

Yes she’s talked to people for her writing books.

But it says here that testosterone levels were measured to prove sex was better at 9.30 on a Tuesday morning. I’m really interested in the science behind that? Were people measured and tested on different days and at different times? Did they take blood samples to check hormone levels?

You can talk to the magazine’s sexpert Jodie Marsh as well you know, she’s happy to do interviews.

Well I’m not sure she could really help answer these questions, but I’m certain your expert could because it was her research, wasn’t it?

Yes because she’s a researcher, and she has written many books.

Okay, but does that mean she’s completed studies of sex, or has it been her talking to people about sex?

Just talked to them, you know. That’s how you research a book.

Thanks, that’s really helpful, but just to get back to that testosterone testing, since I know all our listeners will ask me. How were the tests completed? Were women’s and men’s testosterone levels measured?

Women don’t have testosterone! (laughs a lot). But I think (the expert) can tell you about her nearly ten years of extensive research.

Great! Do you have a contact number?

Um, no give me your number and she’ll call you.

Thanks, I’m sure as fellow researchers we’ll have loads to chat about!

You’re a researcher? For a radio show?

I present a radio show on sex, but I’m a sex researcher in my main job. I lecture at a university.

(Anxiously) Have you done research on sex?

Oh yes, but not specifically on testosterone testing. That’s why I’m so keen to find out more.

Yes well I’ll get (the expert) to call you right back.

I’m still waiting for the call….

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