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A quickie with Jo King

April 6th, 2009

Dr Petra

Jo King is a dancer, teacher and Burlesque star. She’s got an amazing gift for making people around her feel special and sexy, and for inspiring those she meets and teaches to have a go at performing – even if they weren’t very confident before they met her. If you’ve never seen anyone perform Burlesque or were interested in learning how to strip yourself I would strongly recommend Jo as someone to watch and learn from.

Here’s more from Jo…

Hi there. Let me introduce myself. My name is Jo King and I am a burlesque and striptease performer, choreographer and teacher. I have been incredibly fortunate to be involved in the industry of erotic art performance for 30 years. I love what I do with a passion, and never tire of my craft.

As a performer I adore the thrill of pleasing and teasing my audience. As a choreographer I love the challenge of creating new work for numerous people who have fresh ideas and enthusiasms. As a teacher I find my work involves helping women to discover the essence of their sensuality, a new-found confidence and body awareness: this is so rewarding.

For those of you that may have wondered about the difference between
burlesque and striptease, here is a brief explanation. Burlesque is about theatricality, showgirl glamour and sexy fun, whereas the art of striptease is about discovering your inner sex goddess, and the artistry of removing your clothing with elegance and sensuality.

My availability is sometimes limited but I am always willing to teach and perform, both in London and further afield. I provide private 1-2-1 lessons, host and perform at events, and run classes and workshops through my schools – the London School of Striptease and the London Academy of Burlesque.

Please have a look at my websites for details of my classes, courses and events:
London School of Striptease
London Academy of Burlesque

What have been your proudest achievements?

Being hailed as the first, and to this day only, British Burlesque Legend at the Miss Exotic World weekend in Las Vegas, 2008.

What do you still have left to achieve?

I would like to work more with those with disabilities, something which I find both challenging and hugely rewarding. I would like to perform a One Woman Show, and I would like my schools to exist in other parts of the world.

Who are your heroes/role models?

Maya Angleou, Gypsy Rose Lee, my Mum.

Tell me one thing about you that might surprise me.

I write poetry.

What do you do to relax?

Relax? What’s that?

What makes you happy?

My daughter. The Costa Del Sol. Good friends. Freedom.

What projects are you currently working on?

My One Woman Show.

A project for the Guinness Book of World Records, which would involve me hosting and teaching the world’s largest burlesque class.

Being a good mum – ongoing!

What are the main problem areas in sex/relationships we need to deal
with currently?
Lack of communication.

What can’t you live without?
My daughter. Laughter. Freedom.

What sex education did you receive when you were a child/teenager?
A woman came to my all-girls school when I was 11 or 12, with a basket of lemons. We had to describe and introduce them to each other and then she went away. To this day, although I have met a few lemons, I have no idea what they had to do with sex education!

What sex information do you wish you’d been told as a child/teenager?
Luckily, apart from the lemon woman, my Mum told me everything I needed to know.

What’s the best sex tip you’ve ever heard?
Be receptive and responsive.

Where do you see our sex lives going in the future?
Hopefully, as people become more educated about sex, our relationships will be better, stronger, and more communicative.

Is it possible to have great sex?
You betcha.

Describe an average day/week in your job?
There is no such thing as average in my job, but in a week, I spend a lot of time answering emails and calls, I teach or choreograph 5 or 6 times, and I perform once or twice.

If you could plan school sex education programmes, what would you put on the curriculum?
A great deal about safe sex, and encourage talk about different kinds of contraception. Explain the problems which come from peer pressure. Teach about teen pregnancies and how hard that can be. And not make children feel guilty about having sexual feelings without love.

Are there any issues in sex/relationships are overlooked or neglected?
The fantasies and urges that people can have that are not the ‘norm’

Thanks Jo!
If you want to catch Jo in action, why not book for her next performance on April 16th? Click here to buy tickets for the Good Time Follies.

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