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A quickie with Susie Bright

March 16th, 2009

Dr Petra

This week, welcome to a Quickie with one of my heroes – Susie Bright. Susie is the author of X: The Erotic Treasury (among many other books) and you can find out more about Susie and her work at her blog and her audio show.

Here’s why I love Susie. Apart from her being a fantastic writer and inspiring sex positive campaigner she is unashamedly frank about sex, and willing to discuss and engage with all manner of topics sexual – everything from exploring and writing about our sexual fantasies to reflecting on motherhood.

Here’s Susie in her own words….

Lately I’ve been calling myself an erotic forensics expert because we’ve all become so familiar with crime and medical mystery shows that it seems only fair to drag sex into it!

Aside from being a rabid Petra Boynton fan, I’ve written 30+ books on sexual politics and erotica, and goes even further on my blog and weekly audio show: and all that! I live in Santa Cruz, CA with partner and 18 year old daughter.

What have been your proudest achievements?

I find myself thinking of this in chronological order. I loved dancing when I was little, and the first time I got to wear real dancing shoes, I was thrilled to bits.

I was electrified to be part of the cultural and political revolution in the 60s and 70s. I really thought we were going to be seizing state power any minute. Talk about dancing in the streets.

I am proud of every book I do, it’s like birth. The day you turn a finished manuscript into your publisher, and you’re the only one who knows it, but you know it’s done and it’s really good… that’s very satisfying.

And then having Aretha, raising her, still being close to her… that’s probably just our bond, genes, and good luck, nothing to be “proud” of, but I can’t help it…I”m very proud of her.

What do you still have left to achieve?
I never did seize state power! Dammit!

I have many more books in me. I’m working on my memoir right now. I’d like to be one of those 70 years olds who writes a SECOND memoir, ’cause it gets even more interesting after the first one.

Tell me one thing about you that might surprise me.
I was one of the founders of Teamsters for a Democratic Union.

What do you do to relax?
Well last night I found an old paperback called “International Dictionary of Obscenities: in Spanish, Italian, French, German, and Russian. That took up a couple hours, just browsing and trying to fathom the Russian phonetics. VERY relaxing. Just wait ’til I say something indecent to you in French next time I see you.

What can’t you live without?
Solitude. Privacy. I get jumpy without it.

What sex education did you receive when you were a child/teenager?
Catholic school lunacy on one hand, and my mother handing me a little pink book called “A Baby Is Born” which attempted a scientific explanation. She wanted me to get the science, not God, but she was too embarrassed to discuss it. My cooler babysitters were also very helpful. I remember being so shocked and disappointed that so many “dirty” words were scatological. SHIT? CRAP? ASSWIPE? It was a letdown.

What’s the best sex tip you’ve ever heard?
My first girlfriend showed me how to kiss when we were on acid. It was amazing.

What do you consider to be the main innovations in sex/relationships over the past century?

What are the main threats to our sex/relationships lives today?
Religion, bigotry, chauvinism, the ideology of women and children as property.

Is it possible to have great sex?
Well if it’s really THAT great, you have to have something to compare it to. So it couldn’t be every day! You can have mechanically proficient sex anytime you like. But watching the stars explode in your head require some mental magic as well.

Describe an average day/week in your job?

Avoiding a deadline that’s bothering me, so I do a distracting questionnaire like this.

What are the main things people worry about in relation to their sex lives?
I will never find someone, get laid, be desirable to anyone.
I am bored, alienated, indifferent to sex with my longtime love.
I am a freak, an anomaly.
There is nothing special about me.

Are there any issues in sex/relationships are given too much attention?

Virtually every sexy headline in the typical women’s magazines is overblown crap or outright lies.

Are there any issues in sex/relationships are overlooked or neglected?

Oh yes. And we talk about them all the time in our blogs, don’t we?

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