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A year of campaigning

September 3rd, 2005

Dr Petra

Tonight I’ll be handing over the title of ‘Campaigner of the Year’ at the 12th International Erotic Awards. Last year I won the title for my work around bringing sex positive messages to the public via the media and education.

I won’t know who’s won this year’s title until tonight at the erotic awards – part of the Night of the Senses – a fundraiser for the Outsiders Trust (a charity that enables disabled people to meet and date).

But as I prepare to pass on the giant golden winged penis that is the erotic award, I’ve been taking stock on the past year’s campaigning.

I won the award for writing advice columns, hosting a regular sex phone in on BBC 5 live, and offering training on sex communication for doctors and journalists, as well as campaigning to improve the quality of sex research and the reporting of sex in the press.

This year I continued that work and started some new ventures including:

*Running dating and sex advice classes for people with experience of mental distress (mental health service users and their partners)
*Writing an advice column for the new African magazine Beauty Zambia
*Starting work with the Department of Health to promote safer sex awareness and increased condom use
*Expanding the training for GPs on sex communication
*Continuing to support campaigns against the medicalisation of sexuality
*Challenging poor sex coverage in the media and working with journalists to improve the quality of their sex reporting
*Promoting sex research with discussions around the Kinsey movie
*Supporting campaigns challenging the medicalisation of sex

This blog has also been an opportunity to share information about sex and
particularly reflect on media coverage of sex issues.

Just because my campaigner of the year time is over doesn’t mean the campaigning will stop. I’ll be outlining some of my more ambitious plans over the next few months so watch this space.

I’ve had a wonderful year as campaigner, working hard but playing hard as well. To prove campaigning isn’t all hard work below’s a picture of me dolled up and ready to go to the Erotic Awards. And when I recover from the Night of the Senses I’ll give you an update on the evening.

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