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“All bloggers are gay”….

September 5th, 2009

Dr Petra

….said one Westminster journalist to another recently.

It’s a remark apparently shared by (some) mainstream journalists who don’t really like bloggers. And where the obvious response to the threat of blogging is a bit of homophobic joshing. Admittedly they were discussing politics bloggers here, but I’m sure the negative sentiment extends to anyone who may be doing a better job than a lot of the mainstream media’s currently managing.

Sadly rather than challenging the negative sentiment, many politics bloggers have responded by saying ‘no I’M not gay, but of course so-and-so (political blogger rival) IS gay’. Yawn.

Anyway, to whichever anonymous Westminster hack made this remark originally I’d like to reassure them that quite so, we are indeed very often gay. Although some of us prefer to be called queer. Others identify with other parts of the sexual alphabet (LGBTI).

Some bloggers may even be straight.

I mean, I always start the day intending to be as straight as a politician.

But then something like this always happens….

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