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An update on Quickies

March 2nd, 2009

Dr Petra

I’ve been running a series of interviews called ‘Quickies’ here for the past few weeks and I’m glad to say they’ve been really popular.

The aim of the interviews are to get people who work in the area of sex and relationships to talk about their work, and themselves. Future interviews will include conversations with people working in many different areas (research, education, activism, therapy, performance and media) who all have a different take on sex. Some will be well established practitioners, others will be just starting out in their careers; and they will be working in different countries (not just the UK and US). All are folk who are demonstrating they are making a difference to our sexual lives.

Rather than me picking all the people to interview, each person who has a Quickie with me is asked to nominate other people they rate. So each person you see featured will come highly recommended.

I’ve got some great interviews coming up in the next few weeks that I know you’ll enjoy.

In the meantime you may want to check out who we’ve already heard from, in case you’ve missed out

David Hersh Sex therapist and educator
Tuppy Owens Educator and activist
Meg Barker Therapist and researcher
Beverly Whipple Researcher and educator
Brian Alexander Journalist

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