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Are you a legendary lover?

June 24th, 2005

Dr Petra

Last night on BBC 5 Live’s ‘Up All Night’ sex phone-in the topic was ‘legendary lovers’.

Mitzi Szereto’s latest book Wicked:erotic tales of legendary lovers is an anthology of erotic writing where people describe imaginary sexual encounters with characters from Marilyn Monroe to Chairman Mao. Legendary people and legendary sexual stories.

So we asked listeners to tell us what they thought were the characteristics needed to make you fabulous in bed. Here’s their list:

A legendary lover….
· Practices safer sex
· Listens to their partner
· Is always ready for cuddles
· Sets positive goals within their relationship and makes them happen
· Is patient
· Takes care of their physical and emotional health
· Doesn’t just focus on orgasm
· Is ready for sexual adventures and enjoys the treasure of experimenting
· Looks forward to finding out fresh and new things about sex
· Tries sex toys
· Sees sex as a whole body experience – not just the sex organs
· Talks to their partner
· Is honest
· Learns as much as they can about sex
· Isn’t afraid to ask for help or advice if their relationship needs it

And finally as one caller suggested - ‘to become a legendary lover you should start spreading rumours about how great you are’.

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