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Bake yourself an erotic cake

February 6th, 2006

Dr Petra

A few of my friends do a nice line in erotic cakes. Their particular speciality is a penis cake – which they can ice in any colour and decorate with lots of liquorice pubic hair if preferred. Usually they use small summer fruit puddings for the balls, and then squish a plain sponge into a shaft before icing. They started making them for a friend’s hen-night, but have become a mandatory part of many a celebration since then.

One year disaster struck when I was transporting a particularly large member to a friend’s party and one of the summer fruit pudding ‘testes’ exploded all over me, leaving the cake and I looking like we’d been involved in a terrible penis revenge attack.

However, hopefully those entering The Erotic Cake Baking Contest had more luck. The Sexual Health and Wellness House, who work towards creating non-judgemental, host the event, sex positive education on issues from contraception to STIs.

According to reports in the Columbia Spectator contestants produced “chocolate chip nipples, pink icing breasts, lady-finger penises, and donut-shaped vaginas with cherries in the holes”. Other cakes included a foot fetish cake, and a penis cake with ‘consent is sexy’ iced on it. The winning cake was an “’anatomically correct’ chocolate penis penetrating white-frosted female genitalia”.

The cake-baking contest is in its fourth year and ran as part of safer sex week. Organisers feel fun activities engage people in thinking about safer sex and managing their own health.

If you fancy having a go at baking your own erotic cake, you can get some additional pointers here.

And if you were stuck for ideas for Valentines day…..

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