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British Beauty promotes condoms this Valentine’s

February 14th, 2008

Dr Petra

Remember the scene in the movie American Beauty where Meena Suvari bathes in a bath of rose petals? Today, to celebrate Valentine’s Day performer Alesha Dixon has recreated this iconic image but with a sexy new twist.

Rather than rose petals, her bath is full of red condoms to remind us we can be sexy and safe.

Miss Dixon, recent winner of the BBC’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ contest, is also an ambassador for the Condom Essential Wear campaign that aims to promote increased sexual confidence and condom use.

Alesha’s message is “using a condom is about being confident enough to look after yourself. You shouldn’t rely on the other person to have one – if you carry a condom you’ll always be prepared, safe and in control.”

Smart lady.

But that’s enough of me waffling, I promised you something spicy for Valentine’s day so without further ado here is Alesha, a bath, and those condoms.


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