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Bullying in academia survey

June 3rd, 2005

Dr Petra

Today sees the launch of my survey of experiences of bullying in academia, which is being run by the Times Higher Education Supplement.

In recent years there’s been increased discussion about bullying in universities. Some staff have reported being bullied to their unions or HR departments, others have felt too intimidated by the bullying experience to speak out. There are other academics that don’t feel that bullying is a problem, and focusing on it detracts from more important issues facing universities.

Although research has been carried out on this issue, much of it has been completed on union members, within institutions, or on people who’ve been bullied, rather than a wider study of more general experiences of bullying within UK universities.

So the aim of this survey is to identify people’s different views and experiences of bullying within academic institutions. The questionnaire is aimed at those working in higher education in the UK or Northern Ireland – including support, research and teaching staff, postgraduates, and heads of department.

Whether you have strong opinions about bullying, feel it’s an overrated topic, have been bullied yourself, witnessed bullying of colleagues, or perhaps been accused of bullying, we’d like to hear from you.

I’m using a snowball method for this survey, so if you know any academic or academic related staff member in the UK who might want to contribute, please pass on this link to the questionnaire.

Results will be reported later this year in the Times Higher Education Supplement.

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