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Calling all journalists – are your sex features good enough to win an award?

November 11th, 2007

Dr Petra

Cory Silverberg has information about a new award for journalists – The Sexies.

These awards are for sex positive journalism, and aim to celebrate good sex writing. They also aim to link journalists with resources to help improve their practice.

Obviously I’m very keen to support sex positive journalism as it’s something that’s very close to my heart and something I aim to help journalists with on a daily basis.

However, as Cory also states my concern with these awards are who is exactly going to enter? It would undoubtedly be easier to run a competition to find the worst sex writing (of which many examples have featured on this blog). And much of our battle with bad sex writing is a. the media don’t really see sex as an area where they need much in the way of accuracy, b. editors see sex as a ‘lite’ topic so they don’t always assign their most qualified staff to write about sex and devalue those who do write sex features, and c. most journalists think their sex coverage is good as it is – even though most practitioners working in this area beg to differ.

I’ll look back over some of the sex features I have read as there have been some that are good and I’ll nominate those I’ve enjoyed reading.

If you are interested in nominating a journalist for sex positive writing details on how to do so are on The Sexies website. Sadly first person, self help and erotic writing or books do not qualify.

Meanwhile, if you’ve spotted something truly dreadful in sex writing you may want to send it my way and I’ll host a collection of the best of the worst of sex writing later in the year.

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