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Catch the Fire Ministries – Call This Christianity?

February 10th, 2009

Dr Petra

I’m sure we’re all shocked by the recent tragic events in Australia. The reports of fires in South Eastern Australia have been distressing indeed.

At this time we need to be offering our help, support, and charitable donations. Those who are religious may additionally consider offering their prayers.

What you don’t expect at a time like this is a Church to use the opportunity to suggest the fires are a deserved punishment for Australia allowing women access to abortions.

There’s a time and a place for discussions about termination. But when people are suffering, dying, losing their homes, pets and loved ones it’s not appropriate to talk about abortion or suggest people deserved their fate.

Unfortunately so-called Christians ‘Catch The Fire Ministries’ have decided to exploit this tragedy and press-release this disgusting statement.

I cannot believe that most Christians could support such a callous view. Even if you don’t agree with abortion, to support the idea that people deserve to burn to death is surely sinful? So if you are a person with a faith please show your dissent with this appauling action, otherwise the rest of the world along with the victims in Australia will simply think you support such a stand.

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