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Posts from the ‘Human rights/law’ Category

23 December Here We Come A Wassailing

23rd December 2012

Dr Petra

TweetIf you are celebrating Christmas hopefully by now you’re nearly ready for the big day and are looking forward to…



The best and worst sex (and science) stories of 2010

29th December 2010

Dr Petra

TweetThis year seems to have just flown by, and what a busy one it was for research and stories about…



International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers 2010

17th December 2010

Dr Petra

Tweet Today is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. If you’ve not heard about it before it aims…



World AIDS Day 2010

1st December 2010

Dr Petra

TweetToday is World AIDS Day with events taking place globally around the theme of Universal Access and Human Rights. You…



Love Geeks? Then buy a Geek Calendar!

1st October 2010

Dr Petra

Tweet Over the past few months, geeks, scientists, writers and presenters have been mulling over how to raise more funds…



Sexual pleasure empowers women!

1st August 2010

Dr Petra

TweetThe e-journal Contestations is a cross cultural and cross disciplinary publication which tackles diverse issues around women’s health internationally. It…



Uganda debates anti-gay bill

18th December 2009

Dr Petra

Politicians in Uganda are debating today the future of a bill that seeks to punish gays and bisexuals with life imprisonment or the death penalty.



Celebrating 40 years of decriminalising homosexuality

24th July 2007

Dr Petra

TweetThe 28th July is the fortieth anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of sexual acts between men. So get ready to…



Let’s sort out sex

7th January 2005

Dr Petra

TweetEarlier this week I outlined some of the sex trends and topics we can expect in 2005, but there are…