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Choosing gum or lip-gloss over condoms

December 14th, 2006

Dr Petra

A Department of Health survey of 1500 18-24 year olds indicates people are more worried about their looks than protecting their sexual health this Christmas.

The study was conducted for the Condom Essential Wear campaign and results indicated:
48% of girls would take lip-gloss to a Christmas party, less than a fifth would consider carrying condoms.
54% of lads considered chewing gum essential for a night out but only 45% felt the same way about condoms.

This indicates young people are planning to pull as lip-gloss and chewing gum are designed to improve how you look, taste and smell. More evidence for planning to pull came from the study that indicated 1/3 men and ¼ women would wear their best pants to their Christmas party.

The aim of the new Condom Essential Wear campaign is to get people to change their views about condoms so that carrying and using a condom becomes as normal as carrying a mobile phone, chewing gum or lipstick.

Obviously more work has to be done on this issue and educational campaigns will need to target younger people to discuss carrying condoms, how to use them and also how to negotiate using a condom with a partner. However, this research at least shows that people going out are often intending to have sex, in which case taking condoms on a night out should be as essential as wearing your lucky pulling pants.

If you want more information on condoms, sexual health, how to protect yourself from STIs or details of your nearest GUM Clinic visit Condom Essential Wear, or call the free and confidential Sexual Health helpline 0800 567 123, the textphone number (for people with hearing difficulties) is 0800 521 361.

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