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Did the galaxy move for you, darling?

October 30th, 2005

Dr Petra

There’s been a story doing the rounds in the press this week about sex in space. Today The Observer’s science editor picks up the story.

It seems a panel of space scientists have been considering interplanetary travel and have warned that problems could arise if couples have sex. In their report ‘Bioastronautics Roadmap: a risk reduction strategy for human exploration of space’ they suggest that astronauts who’re away in space for months at a time may start thinking romantically about their colleagues.

In terms of the report the scientists have assumed this would be opposite sex colleagues (although I’m quite sure gay or lesbian sex is just as likely). They’ve warned that sex could lead to pregnancy and then birth which in space could be a major problem

The report recommends they address how managing pregnancy prevention or birth could be managed. If people were eventually to be able to travel intergalactically this would presumably be an issue for astronauts and the public travelling through space.

It seems if astronauts do get up to any shenanigans in space we’ll get to hear about it, since they’re temperature and pulse are constantly monitored.

Mind you I can see there being bonuses – weightless sex actually might be great fun to try – and I’d imagine particularly if you’re pregnant, older or have disabilities it might make things a bit more comfortable (although logistically a bit tricky). I bet it could become a real novelty in the sex business – trips to the stars where you can enjoy sex in space. Or perhaps porn broadcast from space – watching weightless people get it on over live link ups. Or maybe even naughty first contact between humans and aliens.

As a sex researcher though I dread to think about the complications intergalactic sex could pose. Mind you, I’d get to travel in space, so there’d definitely be an advantage.

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