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Please show your support for Dignity!Period

July 15th, 2007

Dr Petra

Okay, as you probably know I tend to be a bit of a cynic when it comes to commercial fundraising ventures, but here’s a campaign that’s worth a second look.

Bodyform – the sanitary protection manufacturer are supporting the Dignity!Period campaign which aims to give the women of Zimbabwe sanitary towels to wear (please note the Dignity!Period campaign is run independently of Bodyform). With the current ongoing crisis in Zimbabwe there are many areas of need. Just one of them is the basic need of women to have clean, affordable and hygienic sanitary protection.

In Zimbabwe it costs women more than 50% of their average monthly wage to buy a pack of sanitary towels. Because this is something most women cannot afford they have to use anything from old rags to newspaper. The result can lead to infections which can be stigmatising for women – and also may lead partners to suspect a sexually transmitted infection which can result in women being abused or battered.

You can support the Dignity!Period campaign by donating money or fundraising, while Bodyform will be donating 1/4 million packs of sanitary towels. You can also spread the word by telling your friends about the campaign (you can do this by emailing them the details of the Dignity!Period campaign site yourself, or from the Bodyform site). If you are a blogger interested in issues of gender, sex or health please let others know about the Dignity!Period campaign.

You can also learn more about the problem facing women from this short film (courtesy of YouTube)

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