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Disabled People Challenging the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill Demonstration

February 23rd, 2008

Dr Petra

This just in from Outsiders



Disabled People Challenging the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill 2008 demanding the right to buy sexual services and download extreme porn.

“Everybody needs a sexual outlet”
“Disabled people have sexual rights”
“Some of us need sex workers and extreme pornography – don’t ban us!”

Tuesday 26th Feburary
Westminster Bridge, South Side, London SW1

The reason for this protest is proposed changes to the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill would seriously curtail people’s access to a range of pornography and the opportunity to buy sex (as current plans are to make purchasing sex illegal). This is an issue for everyone, but for disabled people it is particularly important given that many disabled folk rely on porn for their sexual pleasure. They may also require the help of a sex worker for anything from a sexual massage or intercourse through to helping a person apply a sex toy so they can masturbate on their own. None of these opportunities will be available to disabled people if the bill is amended.

If you are disabled and want to protest against this threat to your sexual rights, or you are a sex worker concerned that you will be prevented from seeing your clients, or perhaps just someone who feels the current proposed legal changes are unfair, then please come along.

Here’s some more information….

Demo organised by the Outsiders Trust with police permission, under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005. Outsiders is a community of physically and socially disabled people, with 500 mem bers across the UK

• we have police permission and there will be a cop at either end of the line of people against the side of the bridge.
• the police say it can be windy and cold so dress up warm. Bring sweeties, gloves, hats, etc.
• the police say we must not cause an obstruction so we will have some stewards to stop tourists and press crowding round us and blocking the bridge
• the police say we must not have explicit images on the placards or be obscene. We intend to look serious and dignified
• the police say we can have a chain but must not use it to chain people to the bridge.
However we can use paper chains and people will be making some up in red. Please also bring some if you can.
• There will be an LGBTI contingent

Suggested slogans for your placards:
Everybody needs a Sexual Outlet
This would make disabled people feel more hopeless
Disability Rights / Sexual Rights
How can pictures be dangerous?
What Will I do without my Porn?
Equality not Harmanity
It’s Hard Enough as it Is
The CJIB is based on Ignorance
Criminalisation Protects Nobody but puts us in Danger
If we get ripped off, we want to bt able to report it to the Police
This will make us even more disadvantaged.

If you don’t want to be filmed or photographed, come in disguise or put the placard in
front of your face.

If you intend to go and need more information please email me and I’ll give you further details. The demo organisers would like a list of people who are going to attend so feel free to pass on to me your name/pseudonym, disability and why you’ll be taking part and I’ll let the organisers know.

If you are a member of the press and would like to cover this story – and I sincerely hope you do. Please email me and I’ll put you in touch with the demo organisers. If you’re a journalist you may also be interested to know that most of the decisions behind the proposed amendments to the CJIB are not based on research evidence but are mostly being driven by rhetoric and religious agendas. Tell the other side of the story by covering this demo.

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