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Eat me

July 1st, 2005

Dr Petra

I can’t decide what I like more, listening to Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4 or being a guest on the programme.

Today I joined Alexandra Antonioni author of ‘Eat me’ and Joanna Briscoe author of ‘Sleep with me’ to talk about aphrodisiacs.

Alex’s book outlines the many stages of relationships from flirting to falling in and out of love, alongside family anecdotes; recipes and suggested music play lists. Unlike the majority of women’s media, ‘Eat me’ offers a person variety and choice – encouraging sharing food, caring for your partner and playing with your dinner in naughty ways. Which is really refreshing in an era where we’re constantly being told foodstuffs from strawberries to pumpkin seeds can cure all sexual difficulties.

To get us in the mood Woman’s Hour provided us all with cinnamon pastries, smoked salmon and other aphrodisiac treats that added a bit of spice to our conversation – which you can listen to here.


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