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Expert wanted for woman’s magazine….

August 3rd, 2006

Dr Petra

Imagine you were an editor of a women’s magazine that was trying to escape a stuffy image. You’d definitely want more sex features to show you weren’t dull. And you’d need a sex columnist to ensure your sex content was contemporary, accurate and saucy. So presumably you’d be searching for someone well qualified?

Well, maybe.

Or maybe you’d have other criteria in mind….

Last week a colleague sent me an email from a women’s magazine that was sending out requests to help find them a sex expert. It read:

“_____________Magazine is in the process of a very exciting re-launch and is extending its sex/relationship features….

If you look after a well established attractive female relationship and sex expert/psychologist or counsellor, please get in touch!

I will be needing quotes/tips etc…”

So if you want to relaunch and extend your sex and relationship features do you request that qualified or experienced people apply? Not in this magazine’s case where it seems all they care about is their sex expert is female, attractive and ‘well-established’ (for that read ‘famous’).

Interestingly I got a separate email from the magazine asking if I’d be interested in putting myself forward. They didn’t mention the well-established or attractiveness angle – but they said they were going to write more features and wanted to discuss them along with getting some quotes. [For this read ‘we want you to give us loads of ideas for stories, which we’ll take up a lot of your time to get but we won’t pay or credit you for]. I replied suggesting we had a quick chat to discuss their future plans and then see where I could help.

They didn’t call back. Perhaps given their real criteria for the job the fact that I didn’t leap at the chance to be their ‘sexpert’ was a problem. Maybe I wasn’t attractive or ‘well-established’ enough. Or perhaps since I wanted to share some contemporary and sexy stories with their readers I just didn’t fit with their relaunch agenda.

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