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Extreme Kissing

September 22nd, 2007

Dr Petra

If you go down the Kings Road today you’re in for a big surprise.

At about 1pm today artists Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens will be leading an ‘extreme kissing’ event on the Kings Road outside the Chelsea Theatre. It’s all part of the International Workshop Festival. Tickets are nearly sold out although you may get lucky and buy some on the door – better run though!

The ‘extreme kissing’ workshop is part of a wider artistic project that Annie and Beth are involved in. The Love Art Lab is a programme of activities including “love-experiments utilizing visual art, theater, performance art, interventions, filmmaking, lectures, printed matter, and activism”. Sprinkle and Stephens created the project as a “response to the violence of war, the anti-gay marriage movement, and our prevailing culture of cynicism. We hope the Love Art Laboratory will help make the world a more fun, sexy, tolerant, well-educated, love-filled place. You’re invited to join us in the Love Art Lab”. There’s a great interview with Annie and Beth in the latest edition of Diva magazine.

The annual International Workshop Festival hosts a number of events relating to performing arts. This years include renaissance dance, pole dancing, erotic baroque, skipping and my favourite – fan dancing.

So even if you don’t get to do some extreme kissing on the Kings Road you can join in for a couple of hours wherever you are. And if you’re in the UK you may want to check out some of the events still running with the International Workshop Festival. You can keep up with the activities of Annie and Beth in the Love Art Lab over the coming years and see if they’ve any performances heading your way.

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