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GI Jonny strikes again!

November 12th, 2007

Dr Petra

I can almost hear the pens of angry middle Englanders hitting their notelets as I write.

‘Dear BBC. Why oh why oh why do you produce such filth?’

Yes, GI Jonny is at it again. You may remember a previous blog introducing the GI Jonny safer sex campaign which is part of a wider BBC education programme around HIV and safer sex awareness.

Predictably after the launch of GI Jonny there was plenty of shock and fury from the moral majority and other anti sex types. Some journalists and media pundits also came over a bit sneery about the campaign, but since most of them hadn’t bother to fully explore all that GI Jonny has to offer their complaints were a bit redundant.

Anyway, to cause more outrage GI Jonny is back. In this latest episode (entitled Good Advice) Jonny gets some sex tips from an unexpected source. It’s a film that’s definitely going to get some tongues wagging. Hopefully in more ways than one.

You can watch the latest episode here.

I love it!

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