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“God hates fags” – could end up costing ya

November 2nd, 2007

Dr Petra

Voices of American Sexuality magazine blog has a news update on Westboro Baptist Church. You may remember them as the zealots who believe that 9/11, conflicts in Iraq and Afganistan and other natural disasters can all be attributed to the prevalence of homosexuality in society.

They don’t just hate homosexuals though. They hate transgender people, bisexuals, Muslims, Jews, Catholics and anyone they think supports homosexuals (which includes the late Princess Diana, Elizabeth Taylor, Candians, Swedes and the Irish). You can read more about the church and its exploits here.

To make their point more clearly church members regularly demonstrate at soldiers funerals, displaying banners with slogans such as
‘God hates fags’
‘God hates your tears’
‘God hates you’
‘Fag troops’
‘Thank God for 9/11′

When they’re not demonstrating at funerals of people who’ve died in war or of AIDS they also like to turn up at same sex weddings, protest outside other churches they don’t like, or target Disney on Ice.

As you can see their range of targets is wide, their choices baffling, their abuse foul. Not only are their messages distressing (although often ridiculous too) there are wider issues around their persistent inclusion of young children in their demonstrations. One can only wonder what is going on in their collective psyche that makes them so interested in homosexuality and so focused upon removing it.

Although I’m bound to say that as I’m a sodomite and a fag enabler.

Anyway the Westboro Church are now facing a lawsuit after a family of one soldier killed in Iraq Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder took them to court over the distress caused by their presence at his funeral. They have been found guilty for causing emotional distress and invasion of privacy and fined $10.9 million dollars. The father of Matthew explained he wanted to set a legal precedent to stop the church protesting at other funerals. You can read more about the case here.

Fred Phelps, the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church remains defiant and believes they will easily overturn the ruling on appeal. As you can see from their messages on their website.

Let’s hope that’s not the case and this action will be upheld to prevent further hatred being spread in the name of religion.

But in the meantime let’s frolic in our wickedness since we’re all off to hell in a handbasket anyway

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