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Happy Mother’s Day – get your breasts out

March 18th, 2007

Dr Petra

You may not have noticed but there’s a battle being waged over at Myspace – and probably on a host of other websites too. It’s all about the display of breasts – or what websites consider the ‘appropriate’ way to show baps.

It all started when a number of women posted pictures of themselves breastfeeding their babies on their Myspace pages. Although it’s not uncommon to see a boob or two on that site or others like it, Myspace decided they didn’t like seeing images of women breastfeeding and claimed such images could be removed because of their ‘offensive’ nature.

As a result a lot of sensible mums decided the best form of defence was attack and so have been posting pictures of nursing babies. You can read a really comprehensive account of this story by Summer Minor over at Associated Content.

Breastfeeding mums have encountered a number of problems when they’ve wanted to feed their infants in public – from being asked to leave shops, cafes or restaurants through to facing verbal abuse and hostility when they’ve attempted to feed their hungry babies.

Now it seems even showing an image of a nursing baby is a problem.

All of which is a worry given that the more we hide our boobs away the harder it is to breastfeed. Since breastfeeding is best for babies (if you are able to manage it), then discouraging breastfeeding is harmful to both baby and mum.

So on mother’s day here’s something you can do. If you have a Myspace page or similar post a picture of either yourself nursing your baby, or an image of a baby being breastfed. The National Childbirth Trust hosts ‘The Booby Prize’ that is awarded to organisations who ask women to stop breastfeeding. You can nominate child-unfriendly venues that stop you breastfeeding so how about nominating Myspace for making breastfeeding mums feel uncomfortable.

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