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Have yourself a merry little Christmas

December 23rd, 2004

Dr Petra

And to ensure the season of goodwill goes with a bang, you really ought to treat yourself to a Mypole Charity Calendar. is a chat forum for pole dancers (professional and amateur), punters, and anyone else interested in dancing.

Back in the summer a number of regular mypole members decided they’d like to create a charity calendar. Although most had never met before, and only knew each other in the online community of the site, they worked together. From costume ideas to layout, promotions to printing, a small group of site members created the first ever calendar made by pole dancers.

There are many stereotypes about pole dancers. That they’re not very bright, are bitchy or selfish, can’t work together, or are disorganised. Press coverage often reports them as bimbos, or exploited victims.

The mypole calendar was a chance for a group of women to prove these stereotypes wrong. Their story’s already been covered in The Observer newspaper, and the Kinsey Institute will be archiving a copy of the calendar.

But you can get one of your own (a calendar, not a dancer!) by clicking here

Calendar’s cost £10 (plus postage and packaging), and all monies raised will go to four charitable organisations (a children’s, women’s, animal, and health charity).

Ever wanted a date with a pole dancer? Now’s your chance – enjoy 365 dates with the mypole girls in 2005.

And have a very Happy Christmas.

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