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How going smoke free could save your sex life

July 1st, 2007

Dr Petra

The UK goes ‘smoke free’ today with smoking banned in workspaces and enclosed public places (like restaurants or pubs).

The aim of a smoking ban is to protect the health of passive smokers in enclosed spaces, to discourage smoking in work or public places, which in turn could lead to people either giving up smoking or not taking up smoking in the first place.

And all this is very good news for your sex life.

Why? Because smoking has been linked to sexual problems.

Smoking harms your lungs, heart and impares the flow of blood around your body. This can be particularly dangerous for men as it reduces blood flow to the penis, making it increasingly difficult to get and keep an erection. One of the major contributors to erectile dysfunction (impotence) in men is smoking.

Smoking also leads to bad breath, stained teeth and fingers and a residual smoke smell – all of which are offputting to a partner. It impairs your senses of taste and smell too – which are two essential senses you need to enjoy sex.

Smokers are often less able to exercise, which in turn can affect their quality of life and overall health. People who take regular exercise and eat a balanced, healthy diet are less likely to have other health problems and as a result tend to have fewer sexual problems (so can enjoy sex more).

If you want help and advice on quitting smoking you can find more information from gosmokefree or quit. In the UK you can now get free help and support to give up smoking from your GP, who can also give advice on any sexual problems you may be having as a result.

And while you are deciding on whether to quit or not, here’s a fun anti smoking message from the Netherlands (from YouTube)….

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