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How rude is too rude?

February 17th, 2005

Dr Petra

We live, many people believe, in a sexually liberated culture. And on the outside it certainly seems that way. What with sex stores opening all over the place, more opportunities to find out about sex online, and the content of many movies seeming increasingly sexual, we certainly can’t say that the way we see sex is the same as fifty or a hundred years ago.

But how far have we really come? Perhaps not quite as far as we’d like to think.

This week I had a call from a rather sheepish journalist who I felt really bad for. Their magazine was compiling a story that would answer people’s ‘top twenty most personal sex questions’, and myself and other experts had already provided the frank advice that made up the feature.

This turned out to be a bit too frank for the editor, who’d decided to drop several of the personal sex questions, on account of them being, well, too personal.

As a result, the editor had replaced them with a few less personal questions, which their staffer had to go and collect answers to.

So we can talk about sex, but only if it’s in a really specific way, because even in an era where magazines like to present themselves as being at the cutting edge of new sexual trends, in reality, it’s business as usual. Nothing too naughty, nothing too rude.

Which means readers will just have to wait for those truly personal and probably much needed questions to be answered.

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