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I can’t come to work today – I’m gay

December 10th, 2008

Dr Petra

To mark and the gay marriage ban ( Proposition 8 ) in California, US lesbians, gays, bisexual and trans folk are being encouraged to ‘call in gay’ to work.

The aim of the ‘Day Without A Gay’ peaceful protest is to show Americans how integral gay people are to society.

In case you were hoping it was a day of a lie in, a bit of brunch and perhaps some shopping you’d be wrong. Instead the organisers are encouraging protesters to use their day to volunteer for a good cause to indicate how much goodwill the gay community can generate (you can find out more about this from their website, linked above).

Debates about the aims and purpose of the day are raging on the site’s own website and various blogs and forums, but I think it’s a great plan.

If you’re not gay I think it’s okay for you to still call in gay so long as you do the obligatory volunteering. You could simply say ‘I’m gay-adjacent, I’m afraid I can’t come in today’, or my personal favourite ‘I can’t come to work – I just went gay all of a sudden’*

*If you want to know where this line comes from, see below

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