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I want to ride my bicycle…

August 25th, 2005

Dr Petra

….but men may not want to.

Latest research from sexual and reproductive health specialists has revived the discussion about the effects of bicycle riding on erectile dysfunction.

Apparently researchers have grown tired of discussions associating bicycle saddles causing erectile difficulties and now want action!

It seems men are more likely to ride bikes than women and some put their penile health at risk by cycling and health specialists are recommending interventions to curb the problem.

So why is it an issue? Bike saddles can cut off blood flow to the penis through pressure put on the perineum, frequent saddle wear is suggested to cause permanent artery blockage and erectile dysfunction. Apparently 5% of bike riding men are likely to develop erectile problems as a result of bike riding.

Health and safety experts and ergonomists are calling to improve saddle design to reduce problems for men who are regular cyclists.

This research is interesting given the story has rocketed round the world’s media, giving men yet another thing to panic about when it comes to their cocks. Men who do cycle regularly for recreation, work or competition may wish to keep an eye on the quality of their erections and consult with their doctor if they notice any problems or pain.

But it would be a worry if this research put men off exercise. Whilst 5% of cyclists might be at risk from bike saddles, men’s erectile and other physical health would be a whole lot more adversely affected if they cut out exercise completely.

If you’re a guy and are worried about cycling then walking or swimming are excellent alternatives – and will boost rather than harm your health.

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