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“I will never get an STI”

September 3rd, 2008

Dr Petra

That’s the view held by many people, but it’s also the title of a set of new films from debate website TrueTube.

Their latest discussions on sexually transmitted infections invite us to question the idea whether we’ll be one of the lucky ones who won’t get an STI if we don’t use condoms. We know that lots of folk think that STIs are things that other people get, and they will somehow be immune. Sadly it’s a view that results in a lot of people getting unwanted infections.

‘I will never get an STI’
contains a number of films including discussions about why we need better sex education, details about the prevalence of STIs and a voxpop on what people think about STIs.

You might particularly enjoy this behind the scenes film at a GU clinic – which shows you what to expect if you do need a checkup and features my favourite clinician Dr Patrick French.


And when you’ve done with that you might like this animation with me talking about common STIs – do look out for the great big phallic shaped Gherkin building in the background while I’m talking about bugs and bits!


If you have any questions about your sexual health or worries about STIs you can get straight talking answers, including links to your nearest GU clinic from Condom Essential Wear.

While you’re over at True Tube check out some of the other discussion topics they’ve got going – there’s a whole range of stuff to watch – and feel free to share your thoughts on the issues raised and join in some of the debates they’ve got going on.

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