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If that’s not cash in your pocket then I’m not pleased to see you

November 30th, 2006

Dr Petra

Astonishing new research out today shows that women are now the main breadwinners in relationships. Yes, findings from a survey of 1200 adults for Skipton Building Society showed 1 in 5 women earn more than their partners.

According to press reports this discrepancy and massive shift in gender roles will lead to increased arguments, women hiding their spending habits and believing their partners are not ‘proper men’, and men lacking confidence as they are no longer the main breadwinner.

Thank goodness there was a building society around to warn us about this impending crisis!

Strange, though, that the wider picture is that most women in the UK earn less than men, with more women undertaking unpaid roles in the home or as carers that are often not recognised as ‘work’. Globally the situation is worse where women and children are more likely to live in poverty.

In fact the survey for the building society actually supports this evidence as 4 out of the 5 women they surveyed earned less than their partners. If they’d found 4 out of 5 women earned more than their partner perhaps their claims could be believed, but in reality they claimed they’d uncovered a shocking new trend, when in fact the data didn’t match their story angle.

The papers gave several plugs today for Skipton Building Society (who clearly want customers to invest). If you’re tempted to place your hard-earned savings with them, ask yourself first if you want to give your money to an organisation that doesn’t seem to be able to understand numbers?

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