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January is Stalking Awareness Month – what you need to know

January 14th, 2009

Dr Petra

Stalking is a problem that affects both women and men, but often seems to be dismissed as just someone causing a ‘nuisance’ who’ll give up if you ignore them. Unfortunately this isn’t the case and stalking causes a range of problems to victims – from emotional stress to risk of physical injury or even death.

January is Stalking Awareness Month and although a US based activity is worth noting wherever you are. The event site linked above has a number of useful resources about stalking as well as posters you can download and display.

You may also find help and information from this stalking resource centre, while this site although predominantly about sexual harrassment has some good information about stalking and its impact. The BBC also has a very comprehensive guide on what stalking is and how you can deal with it, as well as links to a number of UK-based support organisations.

Stalking is not a particularly new phenomena, but with the increased availability of communication technologies we’re seeing an increase in the activity and it is causing untold harm to others. Please share information about this event with others as they may desperately need this information.

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