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Journalists and students take note – how not to suck at interviewing

June 16th, 2009

Dr Petra

The real joy of writing a blog is you fairly frequently find someone who says what you’d like to say. Only they say it better, and with more balls.

So today I really enjoyed reading Feminisnt’s blog How not to suck at interviewing me.

Aimed at journalists, journalism students, and all those social science students who like to do projects on porn, it’s a very frank take on what not to do if you want someone to talk to you.

It’s basically what goes through my mind each time I’m asked in a duff way to help with a feature, essay or TV show. Although my efforts to blog about this haven’t been anywhere near so pithy or fun.

My favourite quotes from this blog that’s just dripping with sarcasm include:

“Don’t cop an attitude as though I should be thanking you profusely for this very special opportunity to be in your sociology term paper”.

“On the business side, a blurb in your women’s studies thesis is the last place on earth where I think I’ll make a lot of pornography sales”.

“I’m pretty sure that colleges these days require all students to write at least one essay on “alternative porn” to obtain degrees”

“Clever people have been amongst the ranks of sex workers since the dawn of time, so please don’t assume that we began existing three months ago when you first discovered Suicide Girls”

“Nothing makes an interview subject fell less special than being treated as your half-assed last-ditch effort at cranking out a quick essay”

“If you’re a socially inept person who cannot follow these rules, you are still welcome to conduct an interview with me live on my web cam at the rate of $3 a minute. You’ll get to see my tits and have an anecdote to repeat to your straight friends for years to come”.

I’m definitely LOVING Feminisnt’s blog!

Although written as a guide on how to interview people involved in sex work, I’d suggest this guide is actually useful to students and journalists who’d like to get anyone to help them with an essay, programme or feature.

So while we’re at it, here are a few of the guides I’ve written on a related topic – mind you don’t expect any entertainment here, my blogs are pretty dull in comparison to Feminisnt *note to self, try and be a bit less worthy in future guides for journalists*

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More tips for journalism students
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Also, Furious Seasons Why I won’t help reporters, authors any longer is well worth a read (including the comments).

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