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Justifying Jacuzzi Sex

July 4th, 2005

Dr Petra

Today the phone’s just not stopped ringing.

With the G8 summit on you might think the calls were about issues facing Africa – HIV, sexuality, female genital mutilation, or gender inequality.

But the calls weren’t about that.

The story journalists wanted quotes for was……

……Big Brother

Or more specifically the sexy shenanigans some of the housemates had got up to in the Jacuzzi over the weekend.

The questions I was asked were all along the same lines:
Does having sex in a Jacuzzi make it better than other sex?
Does having sex in a Jacuzzi make it worse than other sex?
Can being in a Jacuzzi encourage threesomes?
Will people copy sex in Jacuzzis after seeing it on television?
Can you catch AIDS from a Jacuzzi?

From these questions you’d have thought there’d be an outbreak of people rushing out and installing Jacuzzis in their back gardens and inviting the neighbours round for an orgy before they all caught a sexually transmitted disease.

I told every one of these journalists this story is about ethics. That the television company making Big Brother had intentionally plied the housemates with alcohol and set up a scenario where housemates know they have to compete in increasingly risky and shocking ways in order to have a chance at winning on the show. I felt the programme makers could have made as much effort to provide housemates with condoms as they made to provide them with alcohol, or they could have interrupted the programme to protect housemates from possibly having unprotected sex. It’s unethical to manipulate people (particularly with alcohol) and encourage them to have risky sex.

How did the journalists react?

‘That isn’t the angle we’re taking’
‘I want to know about Jacuzzi sex not ethics’
‘That’s boring – can’t you just give me a sex tip?’

and in most cases they said….
‘No. That isn’t newsworthy’

But somehow Jacuzzi sex is?

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