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Keeping promises: Marking World AIDS Day 2006

December 1st, 2006

Dr Petra

Today’s World AIDS Day and the focus of the campaign this year is ‘Stop AIDS: keep the promise’. This theme has been selected to highlight how many countries and organisations have pledged to halt the spread of HIV but most are falling far short of their targets.

25 million people have died from AIDS to date, and 42 million are infected with HIV with 4.3 people infected globally this year. 2006 has seen more people infected than in any previous year. As well as those directly affected there are also problems of workforces being destabilised, increased problems of poverty and stigmatisation, and more children orphaned every day.

Targeting HIV/AIDS involves a number of approaches. Reducing poverty, increasing education, improving access to healthcare and tackling gender inequalities are just a few of them. In particular campaigning is desperately needed for the wider availability of anti-retroviral drugs (and skilled staff to educate on their use). You can find out more about how you can play a role from my 2005 World AIDS day blog.

Over at Mansized we’ve tracked down adverts tackling HIV from around the world, some will make you smile, some are very moving, but all of them remind us about our promise to tackle HIV now and in the future.

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