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Let your fingers do the talking

January 14th, 2008

Dr Petra

Cory Silverberg’s site has information about the Fresh Face Video Contest. Last year Fresh Focus set out a challenge to young film makers with the question ‘why is sex so interesting and sex education so boring?’.

I have to say I felt their challenge was a little disengenuous since there’s plenty of innovative sex education schemes that aren’t boring at all. However, I think we know through global research with young people that a lot of sex education is dull – focusing too much on biology, disease, contraception and sex-negative messages.

The Fresh Face Video Contest invited people to create their own sex ed film – and the winner gets a cash prize to develop their educational and film making skills.

Finalists are now available to view and you can vote for your favourite at dogoodertv. You’ve got until the 16 Jan to cast your vote – so check out the clips and see which ones you think should represent the future of sex education.

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