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Love your body

October 19th, 2005

Dr Petra

Today is ‘love your body’ day. I’d like to think every day is love your body day, but I’m sure most of us have occasional lapses into ‘does my bum look big?’ day or ‘where did that tummy come from?’ day.

Anyway, the point of love your body day is to make a space where we can give ourselves a bit of tender loving care and focus on all the good things about ourselves. Hopefully we can carry those positive feelings with us and build our confidence.

Love your body day is mainly aimed at young women who often have problems with a lack of body confidence, negative self image, and problems with assertiveness – accompanied by media pressure to look and act a certain way.

However all of us, whatever our age or gender can join in.

Here are a few suggestions….

Write a list of all the things you like about yourself and pin it where you can easily read it.
Call a friend and tell him or her how great they are (or you could write it in a letter, pick out a funny or pretty card, or send a text or email).
Put on your favourite upbeat song and sing and dance along to it (it doesn’t matter, no-one’s watching – and so much the better if they are!!)
Walk to work like you’re a leading actor on the stage, a star at a premiere, or a supermodel striding down the catwalk.
Give a stranger a compliment.
Treat yourself – it could be to a bar of your favourite chocolate or that new outfit you’ve had your eye on.
Look at yourself naked – like what you see.
If you find it difficult to be kind to yourself, volunteer for a local charity and be kind there instead.
Skip, hop or dance your way home from work – or whistle if you’re not so brave.
Think up a load of compliments you’d give someone you really liked. Write them on post-it notes and stick them round your house.
Set aside time for masturbation – there’s no better way to love your body than with a bit of hands-on action.

Make up some more ideas for yourself – and don’t forget that loving your body is for life, not just one day a year!

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