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Love your vulva!

November 2nd, 2009

Dr Petra

Vulva puppet

A couple of weekends ago the New View Campaign (who work to challenge the medicalisation of sex) hosted an event called Vulvagraphics.

The aim of the event was to celebrate genital diversity. The site above contains links to the various exhibitions that featured in the event. All of which represent a diversity of vulvas depicted in art, film, drama, literature and craft.

In an era where we’re used to seeing surgically enhanced or airbrushed images of vulvas, and at a time when we tend to focus on vulvas in negative ways (as dirty, hairy or smelly), Vulvagraphics invited women and men to rethink how they view the vulva.

Photos of the event (including a variety of vulvas) can be seen here. Viva la Vulva posters and ‘love your vulva’ badges are available here.

This might be an event you respond to by wondering what those kooky feminists are up to now? However, it does have an important message about body awareness and confidence. It is worth reading about the event and seeing how you might apply the messages from it. That might be individually in terms of your own body confidence, or as a means of celebrating your vulva with a partner. Or if you’re a parent it might enable you to think how you can encourage your children to feel proud and positive about their genitals. Teachers, sex educators and healthcare staff could also reflect on how they currently deliver messages about genitals – and whether those could be improved and made sex positive.

So go ahead. Love your vulva. Or if you don’t happen to have one, love someone else’s :-)

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