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Masturbation tips for guys

October 21st, 2007

Dr Petra

The latest episode of the Midwest Teen Sex Show is Beatin’ It and that title will probably allow you to figure out what it’s all about.

In case you need a translation it’s all about male masturbation and has some useful tips on how to do it. If you’re worried about masturbating too much you may want to check out my answer over at

There’s a whole host of worries guys still have about masturbation. Although most of us don’t believe in the old myths that it’ll make you go blind, mad, bald or hairy in places you don’t want to be, there are still many people who are led to think that masturbation isn’t right when you’re in a relationship, will harm your relationships with others and will cause you sexual health problems or for your penis to bend or develop some deformity. Some messages are downright confusing. You’ve got some folk claiming if you ever masturbate you’ll get cancer and others saying masturbation cures cancer. What’s a guy to do?

Well, you can ignore all those folk who say they don’t masturbate (they’re just liars), or who say it’s bad for you (they’re just daft). Masturbation is a means to explore your body, learn what turns you on and can be a form of safer sex (provided you don’t ejaculate on a partner’s genitals). It may be something you explore on your own when you’re single or in a relationship, or share with a partner.

It’s a good idea to use lubricant when you masturbate but be careful not to use products that are heavily perfumed (or oil based if you intend to use condoms during sex). One of the excellent tips in the Midwest Teen Sex Show clips is to vary the pressure you use during masturbation so you don’t always grip your penis tightly. Otherwise you may find the only other way you can enjoy sex is sticking your dick up a vacuum cleaner when it’s running on full suction (that was a joke btw, I think masturbation should be compulsory but I draw the line when you start involving household appliances).

Often I get asked if masturbation is addictive or something you should try and control. The answer is for most men masturbation is something they enjoy doing and the amount of time they spend doing it can vary. Young guys tend to do it more than older guys, single guys tend to do it more than guys in relationships, men who are fit and healthy do it more than those who’re stressed or sick. But within that things can still vary so an older guy may suddenly hit a horny patch, or a chap in a relationship may have the desire for an occasional tug. Masturbation rates vary and the main thing to remember is that it’s not the amount you masturbate that’s important, it’s how much you enjoy it when you do it that matters.

Hopefully you didn’t read much of this blog as you were too busy having a toss, but if you’ve got this far just be thankful I don’t give you sex chats like this…..

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