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Men think about sex 20 times a day

October 12th, 2005

Dr Petra

A curious news story has just come out. Both The Sun (UK) and India’s Newsindpress have included a brief report about gender and sex.

According to these newspapers the average British man fantasises about having sex 20 times per day but only manages to actually have sex once per week. Women claim to think about sex six times per day and have sex twice a week. ¾ men said they were unhappy about the amount of sex they were getting.

And that was pretty much it.

Now usually I start complaining about surveys being biased and poorly completed, but this story breaks all records by failing to even tell us how many participants were included in the research. ¾ of the men studied might well not have the sex lives they want, but that could mean anything from 3 out of four men getting grumpy or several thousand men missing out.

Restrospective self-report studies on thinking about sex are not all that reliable. Men will always overstate and women understate. And it’s difficult to tell what people really think – a daily diary kept as you think about sex could be more of an accurate measure.

But that’s me splitting hairs in the face of a completely pointless story really – if we haven’t even got basic participation rates it’s hardly surprising the rest of it’s nonsense.

On this occasion it seems the PR company behind this really stuffed up, because neither paper claimed the client who was oh-so-desperate to be named as the source of this stunning sex study.

All they got was a measly mention of ‘a drinks company’ who ran the research. Looks like the participant details weren’t the only thing that was missed out.

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