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Merry, merry masturbation month

May 13th, 2005

Dr Petra

May has always been associated with springtime frolics. Think Maypoles, fertility festivals, and flirting.

For the last ten years May’s officially been known as ‘masturbation month’, and we celebrated in style last night on BBC Radio 5’s ‘Up All Night’.

Dr Carol Queen joined us to update us on the forthcoming saucy fundraising event, the masturbate-athon where people ‘come for a cause’. Some cities are hosting their event this weekend, whilst Dr Carol’s event is on the 28 May – meaning you’ve got time to get in training.

We also featured Dr Annie Sprinkle, who told us all about the many varieties of orgasm, and the importance of masturbation. Her new book ‘Dr Sprinkle’s Spectacular Sex’ is out soon, and tells you everything you need to know about enjoying your body (and other people’s).

Meanwhile, carry on enjoying masturbating – and any other fruity fun you fancy.

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