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Morality and women’s magazines

April 24th, 2005

Dr Petra

Undo my stays and pass me the smelling salts, I’m having the vapours!

Women obviously need to get back to the 19th century with the relationship advice offered in the latest issue of ‘Take a Break’.

“Girls who quickly or casually have any kind of sex are equally quickly and casually abandoned by men. They [men] do not value or respect a woman who they see as ‘easy’”.

Clearly I’ve been giving incorrect sex advice for a while. Instead of encouraging women to increase their sexual knowledge and confidence, and couples to work on expanding and communicating their desires, I should have been advocating something more fitting to the ‘Take a Break’ agenda.

Things like recommending we bring back chaperones, the covering of ankles, and keeping women’s reproductive health a mystery to the poor little souls.

It amazes me that so often journalists assume they’re reporting the ‘truth’ as opposed to constructing how we understand relationships.

But it’s even scarier when magazines start advocating relationship advice that people were even having problems with in the 1880s!

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