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My geeky Valentine (and not a PR sex survey in sight!)

February 14th, 2009

Dr Petra

Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

I hope you’re celebrating in a suitably romantic way – either on your own or with friends and/or lovers.

I’ve deliberately avoided talking about Valentine’s day surveys as apart from them being legion (and uniform in their crapness) it’s far too annoying to write about them on a day that’s supposed to be about love and sharing. Although I will tell you that I was asked by PR companies to front two surveys for Valentine’s day. One for a condom company that found ‘sex was better than chocolate’, and one for a confectionary company that found – yes, you’ve guessed it ‘chocolate is better than sex’. Which just goes to show how predictable and unreliable these PR surveys are.

If you had hoped to find me ranting about Valentine’s surveys and other commercial promotions and now feel cheated, treat yourself to this selection of press releases for a flavour of just how many companies and individuals try and use this time of year for promotions.

Instead I thought I’d share with you a few of the geekier Valentine’s links I’ve been sent this year.

Beat Frequency

Significant others

Would you like to visit an island that’s shaped like a heart?

Foxy! Love your wildlife

As you can imagine the run up to Valentine’s is always busy for people like me working in the area of sex/relationships. Apart from people wanting you to promote or endorse things, there are also calls from journalists working on their Valentine’s features, and usually some good opportunities to promote sex positive messages about love, sex, and desire. This week I was able to participate in the Dana Centre’s ‘Experiment In Kissing’ where a number of scientists and artists shared their ideas about kissing at a free science event. I’ll be blogging about that shortly as I’ve a whole heap of people’s descriptions of kisses to share.

Most of the work I’ve done for the Valentine’s season has been evidence based, although I naughtily allowed my personal view to slip in on a piece by a journalist writing about seduction who wanted my idea on the best music to use to attract a lover. The answer, for me, is pretty obvious. It’s Lewis Taylor’s Lucky (from the 1996 album, Lewis Taylor). You can listen to and download it here (courtesy of LastFM).

And the reason it’s so great? Well, the time signature and slow pace makes it ideal if you’re planning a seductive dance. You don’t have to do much more than sway to the music, but if you wanted a good track to strip to this is definitely a great one. The song carries a mixed message of desire and ultimatum, and you could as easily aim it at a guy as a woman. Best of all, it’s a fiesty love song. It’s not pleading with someone to love you, it’s saying I want you, I’m worth it, and if you can’t see that then it’s your loss – “If I don’t get lucky you don’t get lucky too”.

So if you’ve not planned your Valentine surprise yet, spend this afternoon practising your seductive dance to this track, or perhaps email it to someone you really, really want.

Happy Valentine’s, and I hope you get lucky, too.

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