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My movie reminder

July 11th, 2005

Dr Petra

Today the DVD of the film Kinsey goes on sale. So treat yourself to a copy, buy some popcorn, and sit down for an evening learning about sexology.

You’ll enjoy it – I promise!

I was really excited this movie got made, mainly because it gave myself and other colleagues the chance to talk about the history of sex research and modern sexology.

I took part in a number of panel discussions, radio phone-ins and interviews about the film and sex research, and was really delighted to hear people asking enthusiastic questions.

Normally my work involves lots of reading of research papers, compiling surveys or interviews, researching participants (the best bit), analysing data (the not so good bit) and reporting findings. Like most sex researchers I hope the work is interesting and makes a difference, but it’s rare to get the chance to answer people’s questions about who sex researchers are and what we do.

During the panel discussions people asked things like….
Can you measure love?
How can research tackle sensitive topics like child abuse?
Aren’t we sexually liberated? Do we really still need sex research?
Is sex research only representative of white Westerners?
How can sex research be made more accessible?
What are the major issues sex research is currently tackling?
What are the ethics of asking about sex?

…and plenty more questions, some of which I’m still puzzling over.

Myself and panel members were expecting to talk about the movie or perhaps more salacious aspects of sex, but we were all delighted with the intelligent questions people asked and their apparent support for sex studies.

I don’t know if there’ll be more sexology movies made. However there’s plenty of sex pioneers whose stories would make great movie screenplays.

Let’s hope their stories will be coming to a cinema near you in the future.

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