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National Condom Week – Friday’s Sexy Tip

May 16th, 2008

Dr Petra

Friday’s sexy tip is….

Take the condom test to work out if your partner’s going to be great in bed

Loads of people avoid using condoms with excuses like they get in the way, spoil sensations or are not needed. Some girls feel if they carry condoms they’ll look easy, while lads think there’s no need to bother as she’s probably on the pill. But someone who doesn’t use condoms is also someone who won’t want to do other things once you get to bed. And who wants to be stuck with a loser in the bedroom?

So use condoms as your sex test. If you mention them to a potential partner and they make excuses about using them or refuse to use them just imagine what they won’t be doing next. You want and deserve better, so don’t settle for anything less than sex with a condom.

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