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National Condom Week – Monday’s Sexy Tip

May 12th, 2008

Dr Petra

Today sees the start of National Condom Week – a chance to celebrate condoms, safer sex and pleasure.

You can get loads of good advice about condoms at Condom Essential Wear and every day this week I’ll give you a new super sexy condom tip – feel free to share!

Monday’s tip

There are loads of condoms to choose from

Male condoms come in loads of different shapes and sizes, so whether you and your guy need a small, medium, large or ‘oh my god’ there is a size and width to suit. Getting the right fit is important since a condom that fits correctly makes sex a lot more arousing.

Condoms also come in a range of flavours (think cherry, chocolate, or curry – okay maybe not curry, but other fruity or sweet flavours are a great turn on). Don’t forget you’re more likely to get a blow job from someone if they like the taste of you – and a flavoured condom is a great way to ensure you do taste yummy.

You can also get condoms in a range of textures (from ribbed to studded), colours and even ones with added lubricant to make you tingle! There’s definitely one (or more) type of condom out there that you will both like. Most condom manufacturers sell a range of condoms, and you can get a nice variety for free from your family planning/reproductive health clinic and some GPs. All you have to do is turn up and ask!

Make sure any condoms you buy carry the CE mark and are not outdated – novelty condoms are not safe (they can split or tear).

And then just enjoy. If you find one condom doesn’t work for you there are plenty more to try :-)

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