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National Condom Week – Tuesday’s Sexy Tip

May 13th, 2008

Dr Petra

Tuesday’s condom tip is….
Condoms are free!

In the UK You can get your condoms free from your family planning / community contraceptive clinic, or GUM (genito urinary medicine) clinic. These services are all confidential and if you want a demonstration on how to get the best out of your condom they’ll show you! They also offer a range of condoms so you’ll get a nice selection at each visit.

If you prefer to buy your condoms you can get them at low cost (and in bulk) online, or from your pharmacy, supermarket, pub vending machine, garage…the list goes on. Even if you forgot your free condoms there’s always somewhere you can buy a packet if you need them.

Make sure you keep a supply of condoms where you need them. At home – in the bedroom, bathroom, or wherever else you’re likely to get it on and will need to slip a condom on. And remember to take condoms out with you on a night out – in your wallet, pocket or handbag. That way you’ll always be prepared!

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