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National Condom Week – Wednesday’s Sexy Tip

May 14th, 2008

Dr Petra

Wednesday’s super sexy condom tip is…..

Condoms can make you good in bed

Condoms can make the guy last longer in bed – some are even designed with a lubricant that helps you stop coming too quick. They can also make sex more arousing if you pop a bit of condom friendly lubricant into the end of the condom before putting it on (only use water-based lubricants – never oil-based lubricants or baby oil as they can damage your condom). The gentle rubbing of the condom against you while you have sex can make for extra pleasure for you both. Trying out different kinds of condoms also means you can ask your partner what they like – from the condoms you choose to use, to what you choose to do with them! The female condom can also add some sexy new sensations – for her and for him.

Discussing condom use also is good for your confidence, if you can ask someone to use a condom you can also ask them to do those naughty things you’ve always wanted to try but were too shy to mention. If you are worried about bringing up condoms you can say things like ‘I want to really enjoy being with you, let’s use condoms’. Or you could have a nice selection available for your partner to choose from.

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