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October is family sex education month

October 4th, 2009

Dr Petra

Over at Cory Silverberg’s place I find a timely reminder that October is Family Sex Education Month. To help you out, Cory’s created a great guide on how to talk to your kids about sex.

You might also want to check out some of the resources I’ve previously written about how to talk to your kids about sex:
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If you’re a parent of young children, or a teacher/healthcare provider who offers sex education to young children (aged under 7). You might be interested in this fantastic, newly animated film, from Sex Smart Films. The True Story of How Babies Are Made was written by Per Holm Knudsen in 1971 and has aged amazingly well. You can access this movie from the whole of October via the main homepage for Sex Smart Films – and you can order it from them too. I’m definitely placing an order for my little one who’ll be asking those ‘where do babies come from?’ questions in the not too distant future.

The film definitely celebrates birth although some parents may want to discuss with their children issues about parents (the film shows a mummy and daddy which won’t represent all children’s family experiences). Love is mentioned a lot, as is being happy. Which some of you may be cynical about. It’s worth remembering this is a film for little ones, and is aimed to show having a baby is special and important.

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