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Oh what a night!

September 4th, 2005

Dr Petra

Last night’s Erotic Awards and Night of the Senses ball was great.

The gorgeous compare Mat Fraser kept us all entertained, helped by the even more gorgeous Solitaire who announced the award winners.

I was really delighted that I got to present the Campaigner of the Year award to the UK Network of Sex Work Projects. They most certainly earned that title.

Other acts included the slinky Snake Boy, Canadian stripper Ima Doll, the amazing trapeze artiste Al Batros, and an incredible guy who combined my two favourites of hip hop dance and stripping.

Fuck for forests showed us how sex could be for pleasure and politics, and many more entertainers made us feel very good about ourselves :-)

The only disappointment for me was to hear that the distributors of the movie Kinsey allegedly didn’t want it nominated for an erotic award. Which is both unfair and shocking. For a man who devoted his life to understanding sex and reducing stigma, I’m certain Kinsey would have been right at home at the Night of the Senses. I guess it just goes to show, you can pretend to support liberal sex causes when promoting your film, but when it comes to truly doing so then consumer concerns take over. Shame on those people for refusing to be part of the Erotic Awards – a ceremony that raises funds for those with disabilities who want to meet and date people.

But overall a great time was had by all.

Can’t wait for next year……

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